Welcome to Molly Woos!

With red lanterns, Asian artifacts, high ceilings, and dramatically flavored Pan-Asian Cuisine, this place reverberates with the incredible energy and big flavors of all things Asia.

At Molly Woo’s, a Cameron Mitchell Restaurant, located at the grand entrance to Polaris Fashion Place, your palate can tour a variety of Asian ports-of-call. The peppery stir fries of the Szechwan Province. The freshest sushi from Japan. The noodle dishes of Canton, Singapore and Thailand. Award-winning Spring Rolls. All prepared authentically and presented artistically.

About Us

Celebrate the Chinese New Year! 

Enjoy a family-style three-course meal
served during a traditional lion dance.

February 11th & 18th at 7 p.m.

Adults *$25 | Children (under 12) $15
*Adult package with two alcoholic drinks $40

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